Kroxylicious release 0.6.0

June 7, 2024 by Keith Wall

The Kroxylicious project is very pleased to announce the release of Kroxylicious 0.6.0. See the Changelog for a list of changes and summary of Deprecations, Changes and Removals.

AWS KMS integration for Record Encryption

This release adds integration with AWS’s Key Management System into Kroxylicious Record Encryption. With this, you’ll be able to choose AWS KMS for storage of the key material used to keep your records safe.

SASL OAuth Token Validation Filter

This release adds the SASL OAuth Token Validation Filter to the growing list of Kroxylicious Filters. Use this filter to help protect your Kafka Cluster from the excessive load generated when client applications continually present an invalid/expired OAuth token.

Improved support for Kafka Clusters using Discontinuous Node-ids

This release includes a range aware port-per-broker networking scheme that allows Kroxylicious to better support Kafka Clusters using discontinuous node-ids or node-id ranges that start at values other than 0.


You’ll find binaries attached to the GitHub release, and available through Maven Central.

Docker images are hosted at


We are eager for any feedback, you can create an issue in GitHub if you have any problems or want a feature added.